Hello World!

Welcome to my personal website! Each of the tabs above will direct you to my Portfolio Projects, Work History, Academic Projects, Education Background, and more!


I am a Senior Computer Science (conc. ML) and Economics (conc. Game Theory) major at the University of Maryland.

I am an avid researcher in general-ML applications with a research interest in Differentiable Economics

I am interested in career opportunities related to Data Science and ML-applications for business optimization (short & long term). I also would love to hear any software engineering opportunities!

Fun Facts
Favourite Prog. Language: C++
Favourite ML library: PyTorch (Neural Nets), XGBoost (some cases), Scikit-Learn (other cases)
Favourite Data Viz Library: Seaborn

Apologies for the blurry photo =(, don't have many photos of me smiling.

Here is a photo of my family and I at New Years (pre-covid, 2019)! I am the right most individual with the navy sweater on.