Forthcoming Projects

I am taking Computational Game Theory (CMSC 474), Capstone in Machine Learning (CMSC 473), and Parallel Computing (CMSC 416). Each course will produce a library of projects that are advanced in their respective field.
CMSC 474: projects related to AI Planning
CMSC 473: Research Paper in Neural Audio Compression via an Encoder-Decoder framework
CMSC 416: Projects related to HPCs in MPI, OpenMP, Charm++, CUDA

CMSC 472: Introduction to Deep Learning

Project 2: Fully-Connected Network for Image Processing
Project 3: Basic Convolutional Network & Full Application of PyTorch
Project 4: U-Net Based Network Design for Image Classification & Semantic Segmentation
Project 5: English-Spanish Vanilla Recurrent Sequence-to-Sequence Model
Project 6: Variational Autoencoder (VAE) on MNIST
Final Project: Music Genre Classification through spectrogram analysis

CMSC 422: Introduction to Machine Learning

Project 7: Basic Implementation of Backpropogation
Project 8: Neural Network Applications in Computer Audition and Vision

CMSC 320: Introduction to Data Science

Project 1: Web Scraping
Project 2: Data Wrangling & Exploratory Data Analysis
Project 3: Machine Learning
Project 4: Data Visualization
Final Project
: Data Science stack tutorial through analysis of Bitcoin

MATH 401: Applications of Linear Algebra

Key Topics: 
  • Deep Learning: 
    • Mathematical properties of Fully Connected Layers
    • Markov Chains
    • Mathematical properties of Convolutions
  • Machine Learning/Optimization Techniques:
    • Least Squares
    • Linear Programming
    • Singular Value Decomposition
    • Curve Fitting
  • Artificial Intelligence:
    • Game Theory
    • Team Ranking
    • Random Walks
  • Computer Vision/Graphics:
    • Perspective
    • Polyhedra
    • Image Compression
Projects can be found here

CMSC 420: Advanced Data Structures

Project 1: Heaps
Project 2: AVL Trees
Project 3: Hash Tables
Project 4: KD-Trees & Point-Region Quad Trees

CMSC 424: Database Design

I will be sharing my PostgresSQL projects here, although I did work on projects related to B+ Trees implementation of Databases, concurrent access to relational databases, etc. You can find my SQL related projects here.

CMSC 330: Organization of Programming Languages

Projects 1: Ruby
Project 2: OCaml
Project 3: OCaml
Project 4: OCaml
Project 5: Ruby
All project files and descriptions can be found here